Rent Parking Spots

We facilitate a blissful driving – Just the way it’s meant to be.

We are a Toronto based company connecting Toronto drivers with homeowners who are interested to rent out available parking spaces on their property. We help property owners to sell car parking space in Toronto.

Arriving to a destination and spending most of your time circling around lanes looking for a good parking spot is the most inefficient way to navigate the city. We work to provide an easy parking solution for desperate Toronto drivers, while helping property owners transform their empty spaces into steady revenue generating mediums.

Finding free car parking space for rent in Toronto is the biggest headache for drivers. We make this much easier by enabling drivers instantly book their parking spot, even while they are on the road.

Our website serves as an excellent rendezvous for parking spot owners and drivers. Property owners can sign up for a free registration and advertise their space online along with their location using a Google map service within the site. Drivers can log on and search for spots in their desired location, negotiate and come to an agreement with the property owner, book and pay the owner, and park their car.

Our site currently has hundreds of customers in Toronto. Our service works through Google maps making it easy for anyone to quickly locate a parking spot anywhere in Toronto. We have several active locations across Toronto, which keeps growing. We have a wide customer base of drivers and property owners who find this technology interesting, hassle-free, and time-savvy.

However, the City of Toronto insists drivers to check the Zoning Bylaws before renting out a parking spot away from their home.

There are certain restrictions to rent a parking spot. The property should be located in a zone where the by-law specifically allows for a parking area.

As By-laws don’t allow parking space rentals in all areas, breaking these could lead to zoning charge and a fine. Our parking spot for sale in Toronto are approved and hence there will be no such issue of getting penalized.

Owners can check if they are eligible to rent out their space by visiting the Toronto Building counter at their local civic center. Property owners living near subway stations and bus terminals can be benefited as these areas do cover the Bylaws.

We already serve several community buildings like churches that have a regular income by renting out their parking spots. We serve as a platform that helps people to make money and save money.